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What is Class F Planning Usage?

Use class F 

F1 (Learning and non-residential institutions)
including non-residential educational uses, and use as a museum, art gallery, library, public hall, religious institution or law court; 

  • F1(a) Provision of education
  • F1(b) Display of works of art (otherwise than for sale or hire)
  • F1(c) Museums
  • F1(d) Public libraries or public reading rooms
  • F1(e) Public halls or exhibition halls
  • F1(f) Public worship or religious instruction (or in connection with such use)
  • F1(g) Law courts

F2 (Local community)
including use as a shop of no more than 280 sqm mostly selling essential goods, including food and at least 1km from another similar shop, and use as a community hall, area for outdoor sport, swimming pool or skating rink.

  • F2(a) Shops (mostly) selling essential goods, including food, where the shop’s premises do not exceed 280 square metres and there is no other such facility within 1000 metres
  • F2(b) Halls or meeting places for the principal use of the local community
  • F2(c) Areas or places for outdoor sport or recreation (not involving motorised vehicles or firearms)
  • F2(d) Indoor or outdoor swimming pools or skating rinks

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