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Partywall Surveys

If you are proposing a side extension or rear extension, most likely it will be within 3 metres of the boundary. If this is the case, you will need a partywall agreement with the neighbours, possibly on both sides. 4D Planning work closely with a number of professional firms including Chartered Surveyors who can manage the process and liaise with neighbours, carry out the Partywall Surveys and draft the relevant Partywall Agreements to satisfy the legal requirements.

If you would like us to recommend 2-3 firms that our other clients use, please let us know and we will send you their details. If requested we can obtain 2-3 quotes on your behalf.

A Partywall Surveyor is required if you have received a Party Structure Notice or a Line of Junction Notice or even a Notice of Adjacent Excavation. The Surveyor will represent your interests and liaise with all parties to ensure that your property and boundary are fully protected. The Surveyor will respond to any notice appropriately.

Other services which the Surveyors can assist with are: licences for alteration, defect diagnosis, specification / contract administration work for renovation projects. Pre-acquisition surveys, stock condition surveys and planned maintenance programmes.

If you need a competitive and professional services, we know the right company for you. Fees generally range from £600-£1200 depending on the number of neighbours and other site constraints.

4D Planning are also able to recommend other specialist firms. These include Structural Engineers, Approved Building Control Inspectors, Electricians, Plumbers, Daylight/Sunlight Surveyors, Environmental Specialists, Project Managers and Builders. Our network of recommended specialists and skilled firms are all insured and have years of experience in their fields. Please note 4D Planning recommend that clients do their own due diligence, as 4D Planning cannot take responsibility for other firms.

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