4D Planning Fees:  2022


 We believe you will not find a lower quote for the same professional services but if you do we would appreciate the opportunity to at least match if not beat it! We are committed to being competitive!

For a competitive quote for our Planning and Architectural services please contact us.

Alternatively please email us a full brief including the full site address and we will offer some initial guidance on the feasibility and a competitive quote for our services.

Please email enquiries@4dplanning.com or contact us.

Phone / Email / Whatsapp consultation:



no charge

 Free of charge (and no commitment) for a 10 minute pre-arranged phone consultation with a planning consultant subject to 4D Planning’s discretion and availability.​

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Desktop Feasibility studies with a Report:



per hour

£80+VAT per 20min or £200+VAT per hour. We will confirm approx. how many hours we will take (depending on the nature of the proposed works and property location). This is the preferred option for developers who are looking to buy a property and don’t have enough time to obtain pre-application advice from the council. The report will be from 1-20 pages long depending on the complexity of the development. We usually take 2-4 working days to produce the report.

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Site visit / face to face Consultation at premises



per hour

£200+VAT per hour for a site visit and consultation with a planning consultant to discuss the feasibility of your proposed development. Travel time from our Old Street office will be calculated and charged to the client. Site visits are subject to our availability and are 100% refundable if we are instructed to prepare a planning application and/or all relevant architectural drawings. Due to Covid-19 we are available to meet at site only in compliance with social distancing and government guidance.

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