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Retrospective Planning Applications

What is a Retrospective Planning Application?

If you have made a change to your property that requires planning permission and you have not had approval, a local authority can request that you submit a retrospective planning application for the work that you have already carried out. The local authority will make the request to the owner or occupier of the land concerned.

Although a local authority may ask for a planning application to be submitted, it does not mean that planning permission will automatically be granted and the application will be treated in the usual way.

If the retrospective application is refused, the local authority can issue an enforcement notice which requires you to put things back as they were.

Once retrospective planning permission is granted it will legalise and regularise the development. However, until planning permission is granted, the council are able to issue an enforcement notice to return the development into its former state. This can be a costly and take months to conduct. It is therefore strongly recommended that a home owner or developer apply for planning permission before carrying out building works and 4D Planning’s consultants are able to advise on the best strategy to obtain planning permission either before the works are carried out or after.

In the event that planning permission was not applied for, 4D Planning are able to prepare a Retrospective Planning Application on your behalf, and help you get the required planning permission.

How do I apply for Retrospective Planning Permission?

Council enforcement officers will usually encourage an owner or developer to make a retrospective application if they consider that they may be granted planning permission for the development however there are no guarantees. Enforcement officers can only advise on this.

The retrospective application will be dealt with by one of the planning officers in exactly the same way that they deal with any application for planning permission. 4D Planning use their expertise and knowledge to give the best advice in situations like these, and will assist with preparing a professional and convincing application to get you retrospective planning permission. Get in touch for a free consultation.


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