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Do I need Planning Permission in London?

Most developments will require the consent of the local council. You will either need Planning Permission or a certificate of lawfulness.

Some examples where planning permission is required:

  • Most new building developments
  • Additions or extensions to a flat or maisonette (including those converted from houses). (But you do not need permission to carry out internal alterations or work which does not affect the external appearance of the building.)
  • Dividing part of your house for use as a separate home (for example, a self-contained flat or bed-sit) or use a caravan in your garden as a home for someone else. (But you do not need planning permission to let one or two of your rooms to lodgers.)
  • Dividing off part of your home for business or commercial use (for example, a workshop) or you want to build a parking place for a commercial vehicle at your home.
  • Building something which goes against the terms of the original planning permission for your house – for example, your house may have been built with a restriction to stop people putting up fences in front gardens because it is on an “open plan” estate. Your council has a record of all planning permissions in its area.
  • Any work that might obstruct the view of road users.
  • Any work that would involve a new or wider access to a trunk or classified road.

Planning permission is not generally required, for changes to the interior of buildings, or for small alterations to the outside eg.  the installation of telephone connections and alarm boxes. Exceptions may include buildings in a conservation area, a listed building or a building of heritage significance/importance.

4D Planning are here to help you with your development. We can clarify any doubts that you may have, establish the status of a building use or of a site use, and conduct a full feasibility study to establish the likelihood for a proposed development to be granted planning permission.

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If you go ahead with your development without the required permission, the local council that is the planning authority for your area may ask you to make a retrospective planning application and if not granted, may require you to put your development back to its original form. 4D Planning Consultants specialise in preparing and submitting retrospective planning applications, and offer our clients all the support needed through the planning process.

Factors affecting planning permission

There are several factors – dependent a lot on your local authority plan, which will affect whether or not you need to apply for planning permission. Some of these considerations include:

  • Your neighbours
  • Design
  • Covenants
  • Listed buildings
  • Conservation areas
  • Trees and hedgerows
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Building regulations
  • Rights of way
  • Adverts and signs
  • Ancient monuments
  • Environmental health
  • Licensed sites
  • Roads and highways

4D Planning will be able to advise you whether you need planning, and if so, offer to help produce a convincing and professional application for submission to the local council for approval. Assuming that planning permission is not required, 4D Planning will produce all the architectural drawings in London, existing and proposed to acquire a certificate of lawfulness from the local council so that building works can commence.


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